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Small Bathroom Ideas – Big Impact Upgrade Ideas to Maximize Space and Style

Whether you have a tiny powder room or a full-fledged master bath, there are lots of ways to make the most out of your space and style. From small bathroom remodeling ideas for storage to streamlined design, these smart updates will help you turn your small space into a sanctuary that looks and feels bigger than it really is.

1. Natural Light: The best way to make a small bathroom feel airy and spacious is by playing up the natural light. This can be done by painting the walls a light color, or by adding a window treatment like a sheer curtain.

2. Mirrors: The reflective surfaces of mirrors can make any room look larger, which can be especially helpful in a small space. Use a variety of sizes and shapes, including frameless or round mirrors, to shape the look you want.

3. Adjustable Lighting: You can create a multifunctional bathroom with adjustable lighting fixtures that give you the flexibility to choose the lighting that works for you.

4. Greenery: Bring a pop of green into your space by decorating a wall with a panel of faux foliage. This will save on floor space and make your bathroom appear brighter, cleaner and more airy.

5. Add Shelving: Floating shelves can be a great addition to a small bathroom because they don’t take up much room at all, yet they offer plenty of storage for towels and other essentials.

6. Wall Mounted Shelves: Another space-saving solution is to install wall-mounted shelves above the toilet, which can house linens or rolled-up towels. This makes more space for a sink and vanity.

7. Wall Hooks: In a narrow bathroom, it can be hard to find a place to hang towels. Using slim cabinetry or wall hooks can keep them out of the way and make your space feel wider.

8. Glass Shower Doors: This can be an ideal choice for a small bathroom, especially in a wet space. It allows the room to feel wider, and also helps to keep your bathroom clean by allowing you to dry off the shower instead of constantly removing a shower curtain.

9. Plants: Creating a garden in a small bathroom isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Just be sure to choose plants that are suited to the environment and the size of your bathroom.

10. Faux Florals: If you have a smaller space but still want to add some greenery, faux florals are an easy way to do it. They’re easy to care for, come in a wide range of colors and can be placed virtually anywhere you would want flowers.

11. White Tile: The most obvious and easiest way to make a small bathroom feel spacious is by choosing white tiles. It’s a color that will open up the space and make it feel airy, says the expert from Flagstaff Builders.

White tiles can be a tricky color to work with, but they can actually make a small bathroom feel bigger and brighter. To create a cohesive look, pair your tiles with neutral wall paint or a dark wood stain on the cabinets and plumbing fixtures. Then finish with accent tiles, hardware and other finishing touches to really make your space feel big.